Wednesday, December 15, 2010

in the Beginning...everyone has a story

Being a certified GrapeNut and Journeyman in Wine, I have lots of little stories aka, Vignettes, about wine - collecting, making, tasting, judging, educating others, describing and personal benchmarks from years ago. It is said that your palate changes with age. Some, who start out drinking soda-pop wines might never evolve to drink and enjoy serious, big, tannic red wines. Their loss, my gain.

I started my rapture in Germany. My first taste of wine was communion wine in the Episcopal Church. Looking back, I can now say these were Oloroso Sherries, Madieras and Tawny Ports used to symbolize the blood of Christ. Easy sipping for a 12 year old - one sip was all that was allowed. I'll have to ask the altar/alter-boys if they ever drank more than the minister. He always emptied the Chalice at the end of each service. He needed it; he was such a dour cold fish. The Reverand Mr. Ludlow.
Back to my rapture in Germany. I was 21 in the summer of 1965. Finishing my senior year of Nurses' training at the Delaware Hospital School of Nursing in Wilmington, Delaware. I was class president and President of the Delaware State Student Nurses' Association. I attended the National Student Nurses' Association meeting in San Francisco as a delegate, the Red Cross Volunteer Nurses Convention in Washington, D.C. and the International Congress of Nursing in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
One of the side trips I took was a boat-ride on the Rhine River from Koln to Koblenz to Bingen. We passed the Lorelei and Rhine wine was presented to everyone. It was a revelation, an epiphany! Wine could be fresh and fruity, complex and intriguing. More to one never knows it all!


Bob and Robin said...

Nice blog!!

Theresa Williams the poutygorilla said...

I think this is wonderful! Keep them coming. Reverend Mr. Ludlow is probably spinning in his grave! ROFL