Friday, September 2, 2011

#13 on the Road; #14 settling down.

I suppose I could count living out of a car, in a tent - or not - as #13. We did find generosity and hospitality along the way. While visiting New Orleans, we decided to ask at the Charity Hospital Nursing School Residence if they had any rooms we could rent. It was common in Delaware, for traveling nurses to rent rooms in the Student Nurses Residence Hall. The Mother Superior was kind and very enthusiastic to have us stay there at no cost in a 6 bed dormitory room on the top floor and even offered parking for free. The only expense we had while in New Orleans was for meals and entertainment. It was a great experience and a fabulous memory. Brenda and I have talked about donating to Charity Hospital, especially after Katrina.

Texas seemed to go on forever ... we finally made it to the Rio Grande near McAllen and camped out under the big Texas sky. Remember now this was winter and Ruby Red Grapefruit were cheap and delicious. I purchased a supplemental car insurance policy for Mexico while in Atlanta, suggested by our hosts. As we crossed the border into Mexico, there was a distinct cultural change. Pavement turned into dusty dirt roads; children as young as four were selling 'Chiclets' chewing gum and making perfect change. We got lost a few times on the way to Mexico City. In one small town near Monterrey, we were escorted to the only English speaking person. A Radiologist helped us with a map and clear directions. How we finally met up with Georgia [Summerville] and Rick Paez in Districto Federales = Mexico City, I don't remember. They took us to his parents home and a Bull Fight. They hosted us in their home in CuernaVaca, the City of Eternal Springtime. We were advised to not camp in Mexico, so we found lovely accommodations and inexpensive meals along our way back to the USA.

Somehow we arrived in San Francisco, almost out of money. We stayed at the YWCA and subsisted on Sour Dough Bread and water. My grandmother Robinson in Bend, OR welcomed us, fed us well and helped us get to Boise, where we stayed with my Haight grandparents on Morris Hill Road #14. We got our Idaho RN licenses and went to work as soon as we could - I worked at St. Alphonsus Labor and Delivery, while Brenda worked in Pediatrics at St. Luke's. Brenda purchased her first car - a snazzy Midnight Blue 1965 Mustang - she named "Amigo". Boise Photos:


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